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Last Visit Before Operation: Pre-surgical Work up

Pre-surgical work up 

The per-surgical work-up  normally takes place about 3 weeks before the actual surgery. Dr. A, the oral surgeon, basically took some impressions of my bite, as well as two copies of molds of my teeth (just like your orthodontist would do before getting your braces put on). The idea is that they will do surgery on the molds first and then… chan chan chan…on you. I’m getting my surgery done at the University of Michigan Medical Center (a 6 hour roundtrip). Dr. A is arguably one of the best oral surgeons within a 150 miles radius, who studied under some of the greatest in the field: Surgeons from Harvard who have had over 60 years of experience between them. By the way, did I mention that Dr. A is only 32 years old. He said he started early.

My pre-surgical work up was going well until doctor, Dr. C (a 5th resident), who was assisting by placing the wet molds in my mouth, didn’t press the mold high enough to get a good impression. After looking at it, he kind of shrugged it out and said, “I’ll do better on the next one.”  The next set of molds he pushed it up way too hard. So much so that I had a sudden urge  to backhand him. I quickly let him know he was going overboard, so he lightened up and apologized, then he said it was just a little bet of professional pride that kicked it. I’m thinking…what? Professional pride!? Are you kidding me? I’ll show you professional pride!

Sometimes there guys forget that they’re actually working on human being. I’ll forgive him …this time, especially since he won’t be preforming the surgery…rookie. Anyhow, he said the shallowness of the first molds really didn’t matter because all they need are the tips of my teeth where the top and bottom teeth come together.

I’m looking forward to getting the show on the road.

30 Days Pre-op: Getting Surgical Hooks

Surgical Hooks

I just saw my orthodontist, and got some cool surgical hooks placed on my braces. It’s kind of feels like I have a baby porcupine in my mouth. These hooks are little spikes, with rounded tips, placed on the wires that connect my teeth together. Since I’ve been in braces for about a year, I am already wearing my finishing wires. After getting the surgical hooks, my orthodontist scheduled my next appointment for July 9th, about 7 weeks post-op.

My oral surgeon, Dr. A,  said my mouth will be wired shut for about 6 weeks (ie smoothies for 6 weeks), and he’ll be using these hooks to secure the wire around my teeth to keep my jaw in place. There’s gonna be about be about a week overlap from the time my teeth are unwire to when I’ll get the hooks taken off.

Though I won’t have to be drinking smoothies anymore, I will only be able to eat soft food until I get my jaw muscles built up again.