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“Smile, the lines look good on your face!”

Hey thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Kelech and I love to smile.  Not too long ago I received the opportunity to get a fully-founded Masters degree (MDiv), which would take me about 3 years to complete. At the end of my first year, when I decided to get braces (a 24 month treatment), I was told by two different orthodontists that though braces would help, getting jaw surgery would be ideal for a “perfect smile.”

Now at the end of my  second year, with only 12 months remaining before graduation, I decided to go under the knife. This will be my first surgery  and hospital stay ever (and hopefully my last), and I have no idea what to expect. I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I’ve played contact sports all my life and have never broken a bone. This time, however, I’ll be paying someone to brake my jaw. Yeah, I know. It sounds a little backwards.

Nonetheless, this my journey from jaw surgery to creating deep face wrinkles: one smile at a time. It’s my hope that you find the steps in my journey helpful in taking the next step in yours, wherever that may be.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help however I can.

Best Wishes,
A Perfect 😀  Candidate 

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