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Day 5 Post-op: Lower Jaw Surgery

May 27, 2012

Today was a good day. I saw a couple of friends, and talked (mumbled) way too much

I’m not sure what’s worse, hearing myself mumble, or having to repeat myself a million times. I think I’m going to make some flash cards with some common Q&A’s:


“What happen to you?” ~~~ Visit

“Are you in pain?” ~~~ Visit

“How long will you be like this?” ~~~ Visit

“Why aren’t you speaking to me?” ~~~ Visit

“Sir do you know how fast you were going?” ~~~ Visit


Swelling is still going down which I am grateful. Today I was able to feel the tip of my chin, and the sides of my jaw for the first time since the surgery. However, there’s one thing that’s a little troubling. When I move my fingertips up the right side of my face, I feel the bulge of my jaw bone overlapping each other. This wouldn’t be a problem expect for the fact that the left side doesn’t feel like that. I’m hoping we didn’t just move the structural damage from the misalignment of my teeth to the misalignment of my jaw.

I would think that if there were too much bone in my jaw, they would have cut it to out instead of just moving it so it sticks out from the back of my head.

 Is the disproportional jaw bone normal after having a mandibular osteotomy?

This a picture I took this evening…5 days after surgery.

  1. jerome Skinner permalink

    wow bro, sounds intense

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