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Bubble Head_Day 4 Post-op: Lower Jaw Surgery

May 26, 2012

I slept well last night. It wasn’t amazing, but decent.

A friend stopped by because he needed to jump-start his car so I drove over (around the corner) to help him.

When I got back I showered, and went back to bed, after taking more medication, of course. It’s getting pretty old just sitting around the house drinking Ensure, taking medication, and sleeping. I’m hoping that by Monday I’ll be able to get some homework done.

This afternoon, as I was trying to slurp down my first meal (green drink), another friend sent me a text asking how I was doing, “recovery wise.” So I told her, “I just sat down, and I’m about to drink lunch.” Then she continued and asked, “Do you ever get satisfied, or are you always hungry? This was a great question, so I decided to share the response with the rest of you. I replied, “eating with your mouth wired shut is like trying to breathe and talk from one nostril…it’s doable as long as your holes stay open.” Yesterday, I noticed eating with the syringe ha

d gotten easier and faster, so I was pretty pumped about that, but for some reason today was a bit more challenging. So I started thinking, wait a minute, we’re going in the wrong direction here! I’m not sure if the syringe is wearing out, or if the swelling has gotten worse. The drink was simple.

Today’s green drink had:
(1) Carrot
(1/4 c) Walnuts
(1 c) Spinach
(1) Apple
(1 Tbs) Flaxseed
(2 leaves) Romaine lettuce
(2 c) Apple Juice

I blended it together for about a minute until it was VERY RUNNY, but after a couple of squirts with the syringe, it clogged all the spaces between my teeth, creating a backlog (not pretty). I decided to add an extra cup of apple juice (3 cups altogether) which made it a lot easier to drink.  I did not eat as much as I should have today, so tomorrow I’m going try to start eating sooner.

I still have a bubble head, but I think I might be noticing some subtile changes in the size of my cheeks.  I’m starting to get more feeling in my lower left lip. In fact, like I mentioned the other day, from time to time, I feel jolts shooting through the left side of my face, from my jaw to the tip of my chin. With every shocking pulsation, its like the left side of my face is trying to wake up from a benumbed sleep.

I’m going to the park. I have to get out of this house before I go crazy!

Below are couple front and profile pictures I took when I got back.

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