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The BIG Day: Lower Jaw Surgery

May 22, 2012

Ok, I checked into the hospital around 6:30am. As soon as I got there, they were ready to see me. I met about 20 people, from nurses to doctors, who would be assisting in the operation, half of which I never saw again.

Dr. Nathan (Intern Anesthesiologist) introduced himself as the one who will be keeping me comfortable during the procedure. After they giving me a minute to put on my gown, Nurse G. came back in as I was sitting on the bed, and rebuked me for still having my boxers on. She said, “You’re not supposed to leave your undies on sweetie!” As she stepped out again, I thought to myself, wow, I didn’t think wearing a gown involved some much commitment.  Anyways, I finally complied. Dr. J (Chief Resident) came around to my bedside, and showed me the document of everything that was going to be done, and then I signed it. He then he walked out and said, “I’ll see you later!” Nurse G came back in and inserted the VI, putting in a pre-solution that what would relax me before Dr. Nathan would do his magic. After that, a couple of nurses started asking me some simple questions like When’s my birthday? Why am I here today? and What days is it? The last thing I remember I’m wheeled off to the OR.

The next thing I remember is waking up being wheeled somewhere ( I later found out it was the Observation Unit). I heard faint voices saying, “contact his family.” Little did I know, 6 hours had passed elapsed (way to go Dr. Nathan). I didn’t have any pain, only my head was wrapped with ice and my jaw was stiff.

Here are some pictures just before surgery and right after the surgery.

  1. Vivian permalink

    Wow you were so detailed all the way to the end…it read like I was there with you. I think you should try to write a book someday it will sale quite nicely.

    • Thanks Vivian. Now that my mouth is wired shut, I have a bigger incentive to be more detailed if I want to communicate. Mumbling and drawing word pictures with my hands don’t work that well…I tried.

  2. Vivian permalink

    No…unless you know how to sign language and people around you can read sign language as well…you may need to stick with txting & writing until your mouth is unwired. Also you may not want to mumble to much you may start drooling. *smiling at you*

  3. Gunilla permalink

    Praying for a speedy recovery for u, KC.

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