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Impression Problems: Making An Emergency Trip To See The Oral Surgeon

May 10, 2012

The other day received a phone call from Dr. J (6th year Chief Resident)  asking if I could come into the clinic again because  there was a problem with my molds. Im thinking, yeah, go figure, that must of have been the the outcome of Dr. C’s  professional pride– messed up molds! Because  we were so close to the date of getting my jaw cracked, I made last minute plans to make another 3 hour trip. They asked some guy, I’m guessing “the expert mold person,” do the impressions again, but this time only one set.

Dr. A later came into the room, and told me that the first molds (done 2 weeks ago) indicated that there was not enough room in my mouth to move my jaw backwards; therefore he said, “we may need to keep you in braces a little longer, or somehow move your top teeth forward to get a better bite. However, lets take a look at these new molds, and see what we can do. I’ll call you, and let you know what we discover.”

The next day I got an email from Dr. A (yeah I know, it’s real professional) contraualaing me saying that the new molds came out really nice. However, there’s one thing, “we are going to have to remove your 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) to make room for your jaw movement.” So that’s it.  After he answered a couple more questions, I decided to go ahead with his suggestions: keep the operation date and remove all 4 wisdom teeth.  Yeah, the days of having all 32 teeth will soon come to an end. Oh well.  You win some, you lose some!

Ill put some pictures up soon of what my jaw and smile looks like now, so you’ll be able to track the transformation.


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