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30 Days Pre-op: Getting Surgical Hooks

April 23, 2012

Surgical Hooks

I just saw my orthodontist, and got some cool surgical hooks placed on my braces. It’s kind of feels like I have a baby porcupine in my mouth. These hooks are little spikes, with rounded tips, placed on the wires that connect my teeth together. Since I’ve been in braces for about a year, I am already wearing my finishing wires. After getting the surgical hooks, my orthodontist scheduled my next appointment for July 9th, about 7 weeks post-op.

My oral surgeon, Dr. A,  said my mouth will be wired shut for about 6 weeks (ie smoothies for 6 weeks), and he’ll be using these hooks to secure the wire around my teeth to keep my jaw in place. There’s gonna be about be about a week overlap from the time my teeth are unwire to when I’ll get the hooks taken off.

Though I won’t have to be drinking smoothies anymore, I will only be able to eat soft food until I get my jaw muscles built up again.

  1. Onyi permalink

    Wow !!! You kept a great journal !! Keeping you in our prayers !! Speedy recovery !!

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